Milwaukee LED Flashlight & Headlamp Deals, Plus M18 Starter Kit Bonus (06/2020)


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Milwaukee Tool Flash Sale 6-6-2020

International Tool just sent out an alert about new Milwaukee Tool flash sales that are going on right now. There’s no expiration set, but with the deals marked as limited time only and valid while supplies last. In other words, you might want to act fast.

Milwaukee Tool Flash Sale 6-6-2020 Rover AA Worklight

First up, you can buy the Milwaukee Rover magnetic LED flood light for just $20.

Milwuakee Rover Magnetic LED Flashlight

This is the “small brother” Rover flood light model, powered by 2xAA-sized cells. Note that it works best with alkaline (or maybe lithium primary) batteries. It’ll work with rechargeable batteries, but you’ll lose one of the two brightness modes (presumably max brightness).

The magnets are powerful, the beam is bright, and Milwaukee boasts impact-resistance of up to 12 feet. This light, model 2108, is typically priced at $30.

Sale Price: $20

Buy Now via International Tool

Update: Home Depot also has it for $20.

Milwaukee Tool Flash Sale 6-6-2020 M18 Battery Starter Set

Buy a Milwaukee M18 12.0Ah starter kit, with HD 12.0Ah battery and Rapid Charger, and you get a FREE M18 XC 6.0Ah battery. The bonus is automatically added to your cart.

Bundle Price: $249

Buy Now: Starter Set via International Tool
Bonus Battery

International Tool are has some other Milwaukee tool deals that are worth checking out.

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Milwaukee Tool AAA LED Headlamp

Home Depot has a great price on the Milwaukee 2104 3xAAA LED headlamp. Thank you Dave for the heads-up!

This headlamp delivers up to 450 lumens of “TRUEVIEW” illumination, and is said to provide all-day comfort. The lamp unit pivots and has 7 adjustable positions, and features both spot and flood beams.

As a nice touch, you also get (4) universal hard hat clips.

This headlamp is normally priced at $40.

Sale Price: $20

Discussion and Battery Selection Recommendations

Why are these AA and AAA-powered Milwaukee LED lighting products on sale? I have no idea. It has been speculated that they’re being discontinued, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on here.

It is certainly possible that Milwaukee is discontinuing these LED flashlights, with the plan to focus on their Redlithium USB models, but these alkaline-powered models are much less expensive and virtually hassle-free. This could be a random promo, or a seasonal promo, related to how well gear like this sells around Father’s Day.

While not too closely related to this topic, I’m on an anti-alkaline battery mission these days.

As it happens, I just had to deal with yet another electronic device that experienced leaking batteries. The batteries were relatively fresh, with years left on the expiration date, and apparently they were nearly completely drained the last time the device was used.

I ranted about the oh so many leaking Rayovac alkaline batteries I have experienced in recent years, and readers’ encouragement prompted me to move to rechargeable Ni-MH batteries for many more tasks and operations than I had already been using them for.

I haven’t replaced all of my AA and AAA batteries yet, and still have a cache of alkaline cells for low-demand tasks.

I’ve had some Duracell batteries leak, and so very many Rayovac. What bothers me is that I went most of the life with very minimal issues with alkaline batteries, but all of a sudden I’m experiencing leaky battery after leaky battery.

Energizers still seem to be decent, and *knock on wood* I haven’t had many issues with Duracell Pro battery cells. I have had some Duracell batteries leak in their packaging though, the same with Rayovac.

A few years ago, when my parents moved, we dug through some old storage boxes. I found some of my toys that were kept in an outdoors non-climate-controlled storage shed, and the batteries were still worked 20 years later. But these days batteries are leaking years before their shelf-life expiration date.

I do really like the convenience of AAA and AA-powered LED flashlights, and largely use them with rechargeable batteries. However, Milwaukee designed their AA Rover, and presumably their other AA or AAA lighting products, for 1.5V cells, and so 1.2V rechargeables don’t play very well with the electronic control circuits.

If purchasing any new AA or AAA flashlights that weren’t optimized for Ni-MH cells (such as Eneloop’s), I’d spring for lithium cells. If you go through batteries at a fast pace, you should consider a different flashlight or headlamp design that works better with rechargeable cells (as opposed to one that has voltage cut-offs designed around alkaline voltages).

It’s worth the note that Energizer AA and AAA lithium cells are NOT rechargeable. They have a really long shelf life, and I really like them for flashlights that won’t be used very often, as they won’t leak and handle well in all temperatures (at least in my experience). They can also handle the greater output requirements of higher powered LED flashlights.

Buy Now: Eneloop Starter Set via Amazon
Buy Now: Eneloop Pro Starter Set via Amazon
Buy Now: Energizer AA Lithium via Amazon
Buy Now: Energizer AAA Lithium via Amazon


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