Wurth 1/2-inch Torx and Allen Socket Wrench Set Review


Wurth’s line of ZEBRA hand tools has, so far, proven to blend ergonomics with performance. From the Wurth Zebra side cutters to the 4-piece pliers and cutters set, the grips, functionality, and design seem well-developed. Turning our attention to something less “fancy” we recently reviewed the Wurth 1/2-inch Socket Wrench Set (096513310) that includes Torx, Multi-point, and Allen sockets. This 31-piece set covers the larger end of the spectrum where you need to drive these bits with some effort.


Wurth 1/2-inch Socket Wrench Set Features

I’d love to wax poetic about sockets—but really this set is as straightforward as it comes. You get 31 pieces in total, and the set divides the booty into three categories. First, you get an ample supply of both short and long Allen sockets to drive anything from 5–17mm.

Next, Wurth gives you long and short versions of 1/2-inch Torx drive sockets ranging from TX25 to an impressive TX60. You can use the latter, for example, when operating the tensioner on a Volvo to change the Aux belt.

A standard TX30 socket wrench did the trick for removing an air temperature sensor. The extended length would have been too long for our needs, but the standard length cleared the socket and gave us room to swing the ratchet.

Wurth Zebra Torx socket wrench set

We also used a Torx socket wrench to tighten up a headlight housing on the same Volkswagen. Not a high torque application—but it got the job done. In fact, these socket wrenches should just about last you forever. We can’t think of too many applications where the torque specification isn’t fairly low in the scheme of things. These sockets don’t tend to endure massive amounts of torque in the course of their typical automotive use.

These socket wrenches really fit securely into the bolts we tried them with. They deliver an excellent grip. The sizing also comes clearly marked on each socket wrench so you can pick the right tool quickly and easily.

Multi-point (Triple Square) Sockets

Finally, a suite of multi-point socket wrenches (we call these triple-square sockets) spans from M5 to M12 in both short and long sizes. These show up in many European vehicles, so it’s great to see them included in this kit. These allow a bit more torque than you typically apply on either Allen or Torx-style fasteners.

Wurth 096513310 Torx Allen socket set

Using the Wurth 1/2-inch Socket Wrenches

When you need both leverage and torque, a great set of socket wrenches comes in handy. The short 10mm Allen socket wrench makes short work of changing the transfer oil in a 2003 Jeep Liberty 4×4. It fits both the fill and drain plugs. We also used these for adjusting the headlight beam height on a Volkswagen CC. The length of the extended socket wrench really helped us get down to that deep-set Allen adjustment point.

Allen socket adjusting headlight height

Wurth 096513310 Final Thoughts

When you need something more than a traditional set of Allen wrenches or Torx bits can provide, the Wurth 096513310 set does the trick. Retailing around $145, it’s priced right where we’d expect for a quality set of socket wrenches.


Whether you work on cars and trucks professionally or you run your own repairs at home in the garage, this makes for a great tool set. The sockets feel durable and the finish wipes off easily. The wrenches seem well-affixed to the socket, so we don’t really see any weak points where you might experience a break or bend under regular use. Overall, we find these easy to recommend. If you take your tools seriously, you should find the ~$145 cost well worth the investment. Of course, if you want to spend more, you can always drop 3X-6X as much for a set from Snap-on tools.

Wurth USA runs promotions, so be sure to check to see if this product is on special!

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