New Milwaukee Tool Ratchets Expansion: Stubby and Extended Length


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Milwaukee 1/4 Stubby Ratchet (48-22-9003)

Milwaukee Tool is coming out with 2 new stubby ratchets in 1/4″ and 3/8″ sizes, and also 3 extended length ratchets in 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ sizes.

This isn’t an isolated effort, and is in fact part of a broader expansion deeper into the mechanics hand tool market. Milwaukee Tool is also making a big push into the impact socket and accessories market, which we’ll discuss separately later.

Milwaukee 3-8 Stubby Ratchet 48-22-9036Milwaukee 3/8 Stubby Ratchet (48-22-9036)

Do you need stubby ratchets? Sometimes nothing else will fit tight spaces, and other times, the smaller for factor is still a convenience, providing one additional way to tackle an fastening or maintenance operation.

Milwaukee 3-8 Extended Length Ratchet 48-22-9037Milwaukee 3/8 Extended Length Ratchet (48-22-9037)

The same goes for extended length ratchets. Sometimes the higher torque capability of longer ratchet handles simplifies an operation, as you might not need a breaker bar to loosen things up, and other times you might simply want the extra reach.

The new Milwaukee stubby hand ratchets feature a 90-tooth design that delivers a 4° arc swing.

As with Milwaukee’s other full-polish ratchets, these have a slim head profile and flush direction level. The all-chrome finish makes for easier cleaning.

Also, Milwaukee ratchets are backed by their Mechanics Hand Tools Lifetime Guarantee.

New Stubby and Extended Length Ratchet Sizes

Milwaukee Tool Stubby Ratchets

  • 1/4” Drive 3” Stubby Ratchet 48-22-9003
  • 3/8” Drive 5” Stubby Ratchet 48-22-9036

Milwaukee Tool Extended Length Ratchets

  • 1/4” Drive 9” Extended Handle Ratchet 48-22-9005
  • 3/8” Drive 12” Extended Handle Ratchet 48-22-9037
  • 1/2” Drive 18” Extended Handle Ratchet 48-22-9050

ETA: April 2021

Previously Launched Individual Drive Tools

Milwaukee Tool Standard-Length Full-Polish Ratchets

  • 1/4″ Drive 48-22-9014 ($30)
  • 3/8″ Drive 48-22-9038 ($40)
  • 1/2″ Drive 48-22-9012 ($60)

Milwaukee Tool Breaker Bars

  • 1/2″ Drive 15″ Breaker Bar 48-22-9011
  • 1/2″ Drive 24″ Breaker Bar 48-22-9013


It was only a few years ago when Milwaukee came out with a small socket set, featuring a swivel-head ratchet, four-flat deep sockets, and basic accessories. That was all you could get, a small ratchet socket set that they say was put together with contractors and tradesmen in mind, only including the tools and accessories such users might need.

Now? We have open-stock ratchets and new stubby and extended length ratchets. What’s next? Flex-head and open stock swivel-head ratchets? Cushion grip ratchets? Torque wrenches?

Milwaukee 48-22-9004 Socket Set

Milwaukee Tool has had strong success with their mechanics tool sets, and I would bet we’ll see an expansion on that front too.

They were very aggressive with promo pricing on some of their sets during the holiday season, and I purchased a couple of products for ToolGuyd workshop use.

Milwaukee Packout Socket Sets Combo

And, we can also look forward to more mechanics tools and Packout organizer pairings.

Milwaukee Tool is plowing into the mechanics tool industry at full momentum. Whether you’re fan of the brand or not, competitive pressure is always good for end users.

Are you happy to see new Milwaukee Tool stubby and extended length ratchets? Even if you don’t plan to add them to your toolbox soon, it’s good to know the option will soon be there.


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