Mora Carpentry Chisel Knife Dropped in Price


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This is the Mora Craftline Carpentry Chisel, a popular half-chisel and half-knife tool that can be used for a wide range of tasks.

I’ve been watching the Mora chisel knife since the Fall, hoping it would be on sale for the holiday season, but the price never came down.

The price has hovered between $15 and $16 for the past couple of months, rising a bit higher on occasion.

I checked my Amazon cart today, and saw that the price dripped down to $13.48.

While this isn’t as low as I’ve seen it sell for during holiday season deals of the day, it’s a couple of dollars less than it has been selling for.

Given that this Mora knife never went on sale during the holiday season like I had expected and hoped for, this might be the best price we’ll see on it for a while.

Price: $13.48

Update: The price has shot up to $19. It might be worth checking back to see if the price comes back down, but at this price the deal is over.

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