Interesting ToughBuilt “Shock Block” Hammer Concept


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I recently posted about the new ToughBuilt aviation snips that are coming to Lowe’s. Well, it looks like that might just be the tip of the iceberg.

ToughBuilt has not shared many details about their new tools, but the great thing about public companies is that, even if they don’t provide a lot of information to press or media outlets, they might give sneak peeks to investors.

I was tipped off about a presentation that was given in mid-December, and downloaded the slides.

They say:

ToughBuilt is a disruptive brand dedicated to creating smarter solutions, superior quality product, and feature packed value for professional & serious builders.

ToughBuilt provided investors with a roadmap of new tool launches, revealing that they will be striking, driving, cutting, twisting, prying, and slicing into a broad range of product categories.

Shown above is one of the hero images they use to tease their deeper foray into the hand tools category.

That image is literally the only clue we have about the plans for a new line of hammers, but it’s enough to turn some heads.

The hammer concept looks to be a 22oz hammer with rip claw and “Shock Block” feature – perhaps some kind of spring-based rebound energy dissipation mechanism that responds in a similar way as a dead blow hammer or mallet?

Will these tools be coming to Lowe’s as well?

I have lots of questions, and hopefully ToughBuilt can answer some of them. I’ll be watching ToughBuilt closely with interest.

ToughBuilt has walked the fine line between gimmick and innovation before, but their products – at least in my past and limited experiences – have delivered on user benefits.

Other brands have disrupted industry norms, such as Fiskars with their IsoCore hammers. There’s still room for more brands to think and develop new out-of-the-box tools. Is that what ToughBuilt is doing? We’ll see.


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