9 Best SNES Controller in India 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide


Wondering about the best SNES controller to bring back some old memories? Most of us have grown up playing classic SNES/NES games.

If you’re assembling the setup for yourself or the kids, it is the best decision to go with. A quality SNES controller is the last thing to grab here. After all, having a top-notch controller will not distract you in the middle of your favorite game (Which of course is, Super Mario).

But, here’s an issue. The quality of SNES/NES controllers varies from company to company. And there are too many SNES controllers in the market. 

This is why we’re here to help. After performing a tone of research, we’ve come up with a list that includes the bests.

Before we proceed further you should be aware of some of the factors to consider in these controllers. Some of these primary factors are mentioned below. 

Wired Vs Wireless


The SNES controllers are either wired type or use wireless connectivity. None of them is superior to others in quality and performance. But, they do have their pros and cons. Thus, the decision to pick one depends on your needs.

Wired controllers cost much less than wired types. Also, because of the connecting cord, you’ll never experience a lag or delay in the button presses.

The only known issue with a wired SNES controller is they limit you from getting a comfortable position.  Still, many quality wired controllers provide you with a 5ft long cord to drop this issue up to an extent.


Wireless SNES controllers provide the complete freedom to grab your desired position. These controllers work with the help of a USB dongle. You can use them from a long distance of 20ft as well. 

Coming to the downside of these controllers. They are more expensive than the wired ones.  You can easily observe a decent budget difference here. 


To operate wireless SNES controllers, they’re equipped with Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are chargeable and provide seamless power backup for long hours. A quality wireless controller should come with at least six hours of power back up after two hours of charging time.

You should always look for a controller that provides you with a similar number of backups.

Besides this, you might also need to know other important factors for making a confident purchase. A detailed “Buying Guide” is also included at the bottom of this article to eradicate any possible doubts

This is the time we begin our controller hunt. Let us dive in.

9 Best SNES Controller in 2021

Best SNES Controller in 2021: Reviews

1. 8Bitdo SN30 SNES Controller

Starting with everyone’s favourite that accurately replicates the standard SNES controller. In 2017 Business Insider stated- “here’s an amazingly simple, elegantly retro solution from 8Bitdo in these wireless Super Nintendo gamepads that cost just $25 apiece”. This alone statement is enough to develop your trust in the product. Yet, deep-diving more for further speculation.

Starting with the first thing to notice, no wires required. The 8bitdo controller comes with a 2.4Ghz dongle for utmost controlling power. You can play games (like super Mario, and Contra) even from 20ft of distance without any lag. 

The power factor is also flawless. Its batteries are equipped with lithium-ion for long battery life with quick charging ability. You just need to charge these controllers for an hour to play for the next 25 hours non-stop.

8bitdo is built sturdy and looks like the classic SNES controller. As a SNES fan, you’ll love to hold it all the time. 

On top of that, the buttons are smooth and sensitive as well. No matter how long you play, your fingers will not wear out. The weight of the controller is just perfect to hold (neither too light or heavy). You’ll not feel burdened even after playing for long continuous hours.

What We Like:

  • Popular in the SNES space
  • Good Battery Life
  • Smooth and Sensitive Button

What We Didn’t Like:

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2. iNNEXT SNES Controller

iNNEXT SNES Controller

Obsessed with the classic wired model? The SAFFUN SNES controller might be the best pick for you. The controller surely provides you with more than your expectation (in performance and design).

These are wired SNES controllers that come with the pack of two. You can plug the controller into any OS. It even supports Raspberry Pi computers (along with Mac, Linux, Windows, etc). You just need to install the drivers according to the specific OS.

The wired USB cords are 5-metre longs that give you enough space to play in a comfortable position. With the wired connectivity, the doubt about delays and lag makes no sense.

Coming to the design factor. The controllers are made from durable ABS plastic for superior quality. It not only looks glossy but also makes the controller more impact resistant. 

The buttons are sensitive and take no effort to press. You can play all day long with zero to least fatigue. However, the shoulder buttons are a bit firm to press (as compared to other controllers). But, the firmness is added intentionally to provide you with an accurate pressing experience. 

This might not count as the primary feature, but the SAFFUN company deserves an applause in customer support. They’ve one of the most friendly customer support in the whole Amazon platform. If encountered with default piece, they might even gift you with a new pair(if required)  

What We Like:

  • Built-in material has no flaws
  • Excellent Customer Support

What We Didn’t Like:

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3. InNext SNES Controller

InNext SNES Controller

iNNEXT SNES controllers are another wired-type, available in a combo of two. The wired cord is five feet long and is tangle-free. You and your friend can easily grab comfortable positions with such cord length. 

The grey colour body makes the controller look good and proves a retro touch. With its ergonomic design, you can easily get along with it to clear multiple Mario stages at once. The controller only weighs around 7 ounces, that’ll not become a distraction while playing.

The best part of iNNEXT is- it’s compatible with every machine. Whether you choose Windows, IOS, or Raspberry, you just need to plug in and start enjoying retro games. It doesn’t require any drivers as well.

Its buttons have no flaws as well, you can easily swap their functions (except the two buttons-select and pause). However, many have experienced a bit of stiffness in the PAUSE and SELECT button.

Nevertheless, the company provides you with six months of replaceable guarantee. This is quite intriguing in controller space. The warranty period makes the iNNEXT stand apart from the competition also. 

What We Like:

  • A bit heavy for excellent grip
  • Six-month warranty

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The pause and select button might feel stiff on pressing.

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4. ipremium SNES Controller

ipremium SNES Controller

Ipremium controller serves you with the wireless feature. It will make more sense if you’re looking for a combo product in a wireless SNES controller. The USB dongle is equipped with a 2.4Ghz band for seamless performance. Moreover, they have an intriguing large range of 24 feet. 

One of the extraordinary things that makes the ipremium best is its compatibility. There’s no doubt that you can use these controllers in almost any Operating System. But, also for NES and SNES classic consoles. An additional wireless adapter is also available with the pack.

These controllers have Lithium ions batteries for a long non-stop gaming experience. The batteries provide an exceptionally long backup of 100 hours after charging them for just two hours.

Talking about the build material of the controller, it could’ve been better. The D-pad on touch feels low quality plastic and is breakable. However, comparing the quality with price makes things acceptable. Taking extra care of these controllers will make things okay.

Moreover, the control weighs less than it should be. You might take some time (at least in the beginning) to get familiar with it. Although, this also isn’t a big issue at all. 

What We Like:

  • Excellent battery backup
  • Decent connectivity range
  • Budget-friendly

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is lighter than others.

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5. Hyperkin SNES Controller

Hyperkin SNES Controller

Hyperkin is the closest competitor to the 8bitdo. It provides the same retro Nintendo controller with a seamless playing experience. On top of that, you can save a few bucks when going for Hyperkin

The foremost feature that gives Hyperkin a slight advantage is its connectivity. Its Bluetooth dongle allows you to have full control of the game (even from a 30 ft distance). Thus, you literally can play games from any desired position.

Coming to the batteries, they stand right on our expectations. Its lithium-ion batteries last up to 6 hours after two hours of charging. The battery capacity here can be considered as average. 

Just like any other SNES controller, the Hyperkin is also okay with every machine.  Moreover, you can also use it with classic SNES/NES consoles as well. 

As said earlier, the company provides you with the exact copy of the Retro SNES controller. You can conclude the quality of built-in material by yourself only (which has no flaws). 

However, something is interesting about the weight of the controller. This Hyperkin Premium BT Controller weighs 9.6 ounces only. It is slightly heavier than the others. To be honest, being heavier here adds more points to the comfort level. You’ll not have a strange unpleasant feeling of holding light controllers.

What We Like:

  • Popular in the SNES space
  • Excellent connectivity range
  • Smooth and Sensitive Button

What We Didn’t Like:

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6. W4W SNES Controller

W4W SNES Controller

W4W Controllers are meant to serve the accurate old memory of playing Nintendo games. You can only use these controllers for your classic SNES consoles (those having seven-pin ports). It can be a great replacement if your original SNES controllers are not working anymore.

The W4W is available in both single and combo packs. Getting a combo will save you more money though. It is built with average quality material that is unlikely to become a downside here. Playing with these will surely bring back good memories.

Coming to the button part, they’re mediocre too. You can easily feel a little firm springs below the buttons while pressing them. Besides, you won’t want a superior sensitive key in SNES console gaming. 

The 7-pin cord connector seems premium and has a non-tangle characteristic. However, they’re only 3fts long which might be an issue for you (or your kid). To prevent this, you can always buy SNES controller Extension cables to add 6ft extra distance.

What We Like:

  • Compatible for 7-pin port SNES console
  • Has a classic retro look
  • Budget Pick

What We Didn’t Like:

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7. Zeato SNES Controller

Zeato SNES Controller

Zeato is another underdog with a good track record. It provides you with a complaint-free SNES combo for a high-grade price of one.

The in-built quality used here is quite appreciable. It looks glossy and is ergonomic in design. Grabbing them and playing for long continuous hours will cause zero to minimize fatigue. 

The USB wireless adapter can be used with any device. Not only on Windows, but you can enjoy retro gaming on your MAC, Linux devices as well. On top of that, the Zeato controllers support NES and SNES consoles as well (except classic consoles that don’t have a USB port).

For seamless power for long continuous hours, Lithium-ion batteries are placed here. They provide you with 5 hours of gameplay after the required charging time of 2 hours. The stats aren’t as impressive as the other top competitors, but it doesn’t bring much difference.

You’ll have zero complaints regarding the buttons and D-pad of the controller. They’re smooth and don’t stick during intense presses. Moreover, you can perform easy mapping to all the buttons with the help of specific software (like- Joystick mapper for Windows).

Here’s the coolest part about the Zeato controller when it comes to compatibility factor. You can give it a shot to use it on your Android phone and smart TV.  Many users have praised Zeato for this particular reason. You just need to install the right controller app first.

What We Like:

  • Built-in quality is up to the mark
  • Smooth and Sensitive Button

What We Didn’t Like:

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8. Mafiti SNES Controller

Mafiti SNES Controller

Mafiti Game Controller will be the best gift for your loved ones. The controller just stays firmly on our expectations with zero complaints. 

Its 5 meters stand USB cable is non-tangible and has quality assurance as well. You can give the controller to your 10-year old kid without any fears of damage.

The Mafiti are wired controllers where you’ll not have to face any compatible issues as well. The controller works the same for every machine, whether it’s a Raspberry setup or an Ubuntu machine. You just need to plug in and start enjoying it.

Talking about the built-in material, they’re made from fine ABS plastic for a complaint-free gaming experience. However, expecting a top-notch built quality at this budget wouldn’t be fair at all. 

You’ll not have any objections about the button quality as well. They’re quick and cause zero delays and lagging issues. Moreover, it doesn’t get stuck inside during intense presses.

One of the amazing thing that stands apart Maifiti controller is the trust factor. They provide 12 months of warranty in quality issues with friendly customer support. Getting friendly support can’t be measured in monetary value. But, they completely change your experience with the product.

What We Like:

  • Built-in quality is high-grade ABS plastic
  • 12 months warranty in quality issues

What We Didn’t Like:

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9. Generic SNES Controller

Generic SNES Controller1

Want more options for your old 7-pin port SNES console? The Generic controller combo seems to be a good fit for that. It comes with a greyish white colour that looks attractive and brings back old memories.

The built-in material of the controller is also up to the mark. There’s no need to worry about your intense gaming habits, the controller seems to have decent impact resistance. 

Coming to the buttons of the controller, there isn’t any flaw visible here. You can easily press them and they don’t even feel stiff as well. The best part is, you’ll not have to bear those irritating stuck button moments as well. 

The controller comes with a 7-pin connecting cord that is 4ft long. To eliminate the short wire issue, you can buy a separate 7-pin cord extender to maintain the comfort of playing.

What We Like:

  • Compatible for old SNES/NES consoles
  • Budget-fit

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The Built-in quality could’ve been better.

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Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase: Buying Guide

The buying guide mentioned below includes the detailed factors one should look after. Going through the guide will help you to eradicate every confusion and make a satisfying firm decision

Wired Vs Wireless

As we all know, the SNES controllers are available in both wired and wireless versions. This raises the main question- “Which one is superior?”.

Both of them come with their pros and cons. The answer to this question completely relies on you. 


The Wired SNES controllers are no doubt the accurate replicas of old SNES controllers. One of the major advantages that one might see here is zero delays and lag. This is because the wired medium will always be faster than any wireless medium. Another upper hand you‘ve with these controllers are, they cost way less than the wireless one.

Talking about the downside of wired controllers, which is quite obvious. You got limited space. This might make you a bit uncomfortable while playing games with your friend. However, the majority of the wired SNES controllers come with 5ft of connecting cord (more than enough).


On the other hand, wireless SNES controllers give you full freedom to grab the most comfortable position. They work with the help of a USB dongle that has a wide coverage area of at least 20 ft. Moreover, the advanced controllers with advanced wireless connectivity show zero lag and delays. Thus, there’s no room left for the performance factor. All the products mentioned in the list come with advanced connectivity

The visible downside of wireless SNER controllers are, it demand more money. Although, indeed, these controllers will not cost you a fortune. But, comparing wireless controllers with wired ones, there is a visible difference in the price tag.


This factor is for those, who’re opting for a wireless SNES controller. In general, most of the controllers are equipped with Lithium-ion battery for utmost battery life and easy chargeability. However, the quality of the battery also varies with the brand, you’re trusting.

A quality Lithium-ion battery will last up to five to seven hours easily. Whereas the charge time required for these batteries are one to two hours.

You should always consider a controller whose battery provides you with similar data.

Button Quality

The button quality of the remote controller defines your upcoming gaming experience (which should be top-notch). 

The controller should be sensitive enough to react to small presses. At the same time, it should have a strong impact resistance to prevent any damages from intense presses.

Some of the signs of a poor-button controller are stiff to press, and the button sticks inside after pressing. Take care of these signs before finalizing a controller.


Here’s something noteworthy for SNES/NES console users. The early gaming consoles didn’t have USB ports on them. This means you’ll have to only consider the controllers with a 7-pin cable. Fortunately, these controllers are still available on both Amazon and our list. 

Besides that, there isn’t much issue when it comes to compatibility factor. Every advanced SNES controller supports most of the devices. The compatibility lists include all the windows, Linux, MAC OS machines. On top of that, you can use these controllers on the machine using Raspberry Pi.

This is because there isn’t any need for drivers. Although, you might need some software (like Joystick Mapper) for key configurations.


There aren’t many things to consider here. SNES controllers are generally low-range products that easily fit in anyone’s budget. However, you will see a decent difference between the wired controllers and wireless controllers.

The wired controllers are mostly available in combos of two. You can easily buy these with a little investment of 10 to 15 dollars. 

On the flip side, a single wireless SNES controller can demand up to 40 dollars of investment. 


A SNES control, no doubt, can intensify your gaming experience. This time you won’t need to spend a fortune to have some quality time for yourself and your family. All you need is to pick an ideal SNES controller from the list. 

Although, are you still in doubt about what to pick?

I will suggest you go with 8bitdo for top-notch performance. It has everything that makes it a worthy product for your final decision. You’ll get a proper replica of the classic SNES controller with the most recent features. Indeed, the Bitdo requires a bit more money than others, but it’s worth investing in it.

Did we miss mentioning any quality controller in the list? Do let us know and others by commenting down below. Also, mention any queries or suggestions, if you have, in the comment section. We’ll reach you in a short while.


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